Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Micro Art Studio: Work-in-Progress Oval Jungle Scenic Bases

Micro Art Studio: Working on some more ovals and refreshing the Jungle pattern.

Artizan Design: Darkest Africa - Allan Quatermain Character

Artizan Design: Allan Quatermain - A hero from the old school, Africa is in his blood and a part of his soul. It is said that Quatermain will live for as long Africa endures.  Quatermain has been seen to fall, only to re-appear alive once more. A former big game hunter, he now leads others on adventures across Africa and beyond, armed with his trusty Double Barreled Express "Matilda" Rifle. He is occasionally a reluctant servant of the Crown, but will always fight for justice. A crack shot, he can track any creature anywhere, supposedly even across a pane of glass. Although somewhat aged, he is still as tough and unforgiving as the land he loves.

Infamy Miniatures: New Fantasy Barbarian Miniature Range

Infamy Miniatures: A look at a little more from Infamy's next range!

Lead Adventure Miniatures: Astropolis II - The Galactic Melting Pot Kickstarter

Lead Adventure Miniatures: A new range of 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures sculpted by Igor Karpov, for use in role playing games and tabletop games. Check the full Kickstarter here

Empress Miniatures: World War Two American Command, Artillery and More

Empress Miniatures: Command, Jeeps and UBoat Crew - Phew, congratulations everyone for making it through another long week! We thought you all deserved something a bit special to celebrate the start of the weekend and so we are very pleased to show off our latest World War releases. We've continued to concentrate on our American range with the addition of some new officer/NCO/squad leader types, a company command pack in typical late war gear and some variations on our rather lovely new Jeep. The first Jeep releases allow you to purchase the crew on it's own, the Jeep and crew together or as a larger set with an exquisitely detailed 57mm AT gun. The Germans get some attention too with the release of a crew set for a spectacular UBoat. 

Victoria Miniatures: Science Fiction Beastman Infantry Preview

Victoria Miniatures previewed this new Beastman Squad!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Demented Games: Twisted Horace De Havilland Preview

Demented Games previewed this Twisted Horace De Havilland.

Mini Monsters: New Fantasy Dwarf Fortress

Mini Monsters released this nice Dwarf Fortress scenery piece.

Vexillia: Revolution! - New Card Game Released Now On Sale

Vexillia: Revolution! - New Card Game Released Now On Sale This print & play card game is now available from Wargame Vault

Revolution! is a game of intrigue which aims to recreate the politics of the French Revolution from the reactionary Monarchists, through the moderate Girondins, to the radical and ultra radical Jacobins. At the end of the game the French Revolution will have settled on a dictatorial pattern of leadership: the very environment that resulted in Napoleon's assumption of power. The game takes place in the French National Assembly building. Players represent one of three political factions each composed of a group of famous characters. They must find solutions to the problems of state raised by this turbulent period whilst wrestling one another for political control. 


  • 14 page rule book (free download).
  • Examples of play & historical notes.
  • 53 colour game cards.
  • 13 colour advanced game cards.
  • Counters & card backs.

Card samples: Also Available From MonkeyPig and Vexillia

Ramshackle Games: New Webshop and New Science Fiction Merchant Goods

Ramshackle Games: At Ramshackle Games we have just installed a new shop. The old one did well for 11 years, so a big thanks to all our customers over that time. The new shop is better and easier to use so please come and have a look. Some new scenery items have been added. These are metal crates, beer barrels, ore hoppers and space spice.

TMS: Cool Fantasy Vampire Covenant Army Kickstarter

TMS launched their Vampire Covenant Army Kickstarter to fund a complete Vampire Covenant army, to be used in your Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age games or for your other desires. Check the Kickstarter here

Project Good: TiRoBEx – Rise of the Golden Mask Expansion Available Now

Project Good: The Tiny Robot universe just got a little bit bigger! Based around the discovery of new ‘Jungle’ worlds, a single faction has risen from the ashes of a defunct company, unleashing some of the most specialised TRS seen yet. The new worlds themselves come with their own dangers, and rules are included for terrain that fights back, including Carnivorous Plants and Primordial Fluid. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and make use of Camouflage and advanced versions of Tyridium collection as the race to claim the precious resource expands to new heights (but not too high, or your Tiny Robot won’t reach it…!).

Rise of the Golden Mask adds eight new TRS to your games of TiRoBEx, along with new TRS abilities; including the Axolotl, who can repair itself mid-game; the Suicide Ant, which has a habit of destroying itself (along with most of the board) as it’s swansong; and the Tsurīhagā, a TRS that can almost wipe the board clean of any terrain. Along with optional rules for more volatile unrefined Tyridium, three new scenarios, and full details of the new Golden Mask faction. 

Mad Robot Miniatures: New 28mm Post Apocalyptic Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures: Mad Robot has just released a new regiment into their ranks of 28mm sci fi miniatures. Check these and more miniatures here

Heresy Miniatures: Blast from The Past - Plastic Skeletons and Scifi Troopers

Discovered this weekend that Andy Foster of Heresy Miniatures had been working on his first plastic miniature kits way back in 2013 before other priorities and the reality of selfemployment kicked in. In the pictures you can see work-in-progress pictures of his modular generic Skeletons and Scifi Troopers which he intended to release. These might get produced if all goes well but only time can tell. Check more pictures of these miniature here and grab some miniatures while you're visiting!

1st Corps: New Javelin Warrior Miniatures Released

1st Corps released these new javelin armed miniatures.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Eureka Miniatures: Dirty Thirties Maximillion Character Preview

Eureka Miniatures: Sneak peek: From the bench of Paul Clarke come these new greens (reds?) for our 28mm Maximillion range. Sometimes you just have to leave your wheels but when you do, you'd better be quick on your feet. Coming soon.

Great Escape Games: The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Wild West Zombies.

Great Escape Games: The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Wild West Zombies.

Micro Art Studio: New Hardfoam Hills Previewed

Micro Art Studio: New pre-released hardfoam hills!