Thursday, January 19, 2017

Manorhouse Workshop: New Forgotten Halls - Modular Medieval Fantasy Scenery Preview

Manorhouse Workshop: In our previous article we showed you how you can use Forgotten Halls to create rooms, corridors, towers, etc, without using our Dynamic Floors of 100x100x10mm. It was however with a “3D Bases” Stone Slabs floor, which creates a perfect floor for our building, and thus, you didn’t need to use any of our FH floors, for obvious reasons.

However, we are showing you now how you can use any kind of terrain already in your possession and still use perfectly our FH range. Let’s use indeed a terrain base, like our “Rough Terrain – 3D Bases”. This terrain represents a mix of earth, little stones, etc classical to outdoors terrains. With this terrain, you can’t use add apparently our FH walls to create a building, since you would be missing the stone floor and it wouldn’t look as good as it should. However, there is a very easy solution “built-in FH”, which we are showing you now. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sally 4th: Unit Reference Cards - Combat Patrol Napoleonic Skirmish

Sally 4th: Sally 4th has just published a set of unit reference cards for players of Combat Patrol Napoleonic Skirmish.

As well as being a handy way to record the details of your units, the reverse of the cards has all of the additional information required for play which is not already on the core Combat Patrol Action Deck cards. Pack of 15 Unit Reference Cards printed on 70mm x 120mm matt card

Set contains

- 1 Quick reference card for hand to hand combat
- 10 Blank Infantry record cards with movement quick reference on back
- 3 Blank Cavalry record cards with movement quick reference on back
- 1 Blank Artillery record cards with movement quick reference on back

Cards designed to fit inside Ultra-Pro 'Tarot' sized deck protector sleeves so that unit & leader names can be written on and wiped off. Full details of Combat Patrol, the Free Napoleonic Supplement and the new set of Unit Reference cards can be found at: Combat Patrol - Sally 4th

WargamePrint: Multi Wargamer Battle Mat Files Discounted

WargamePrint: During three years we've saved up many files besides the standard sizes as 3x3ft, 4x4ft, 6x4ft. More than 50 surface images / 20 sizes. Any 5 files order is subject to a special discount of 20% (4 files -15%, 3 files -10%). All files collection is presented here

Privateer Press: New Warmachine and Hordes – Complete 50-Point Army Boxes

Privateer Press: The Quickest and Easiest way to storm the battlefields of Warmachine and Hordes – Complete 50-point Army Boxes

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran taking up a new Faction, this Army Box contains everything you need to quickly field a complete and competitive army suitable for every battlefield engagement – from casual games at home to organized leagues and tournaments. And best of all, it is over a 35% saving! Don’t delay, order from your store today! These are in very limited quantity and available at participating North American retail stores or through the webstore here starting on January 23, 2017. Army boxes will begin shipping to North American retail stores on January 16, 2017.

PIP 34901 Cryx Army Box 2017 (MSRP $159.99)

-Warcaster Asphyxious the Hellbringer
-Inflictor Heavy Warjack
-Seether Heavy Warjack 
-Ripjaw Light Warjack
-Cankerworm Light Warjack 
-Darragh Wrathe Solo 
-Bane Warriors Unit of 10 
-Bane Warriors Officer & Standard Command Attachment

PIP 72901 Circle Orboros Army Box 2017 (MSRP $139.99) 

-Warlock Kromac, Champion of the Wurm 
-Feral Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast 
-Warpwolf Stalker Heavy Warbeast 
-Ghetorix Heavy Warbeast 
-Rotterhorn Griffon Light Warbeasts x 2 
-Shifting Stones Unit x 2

Empress Miniatures: Stocking 1898 Miniatures' Cuban War of Independence and Spanish - American War Miniature Ranges

Empress Miniatures: Introducing 1898 Miniatures - Empress Now Stocking A New Range From Spain. 

We are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking the brilliant 1989 Miniatures range. Currently producing figures for some really interesting conflicts - the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War. The quality of the figures is superb and they are based on the formidable and experienced team of Rafael Gómez and Javier Gómez (the painter 'El Mercenario') supported by a number of respected collaborators.

Black Hussar Miniatures: Seven Years War French Casualties

Black Hussar Miniatures released these SYW French Casualties.

Slug Industries: Streetscape: 28mm Wargaming Buildings Kickstarter Funded

Slug Industries' Streetscape: 28mm miniature wargaming buildings Kickstarter has been fully funded! Check the Kickstarter here

A range of simple to build kit buildings designed to deliver the high detail of resin but with a cost closer to laser cut MDF. Like many small manufacturers we're also gamers who like the detail of resin buildings but prefer the price of laser cut. So we've come up with an idea which combines the best of both - laser cut shells clad with resin fronts, backs and rooftops. This offers economic buildings with high detail which are both easy to assemble and paint. Thanks to the nature of the kits the detail of the resin can be painted prior to assembly - so no more tricky bits! Facades are also available seperately for your own builds, they're 5mm thick on average so compatible with foamboard and foamed PVC.

Broken Contract: Dystopian Future Broken Contact Kickstarter

Broken Contract Miniatures announced their new Broken Contact Kickstarter to be launched on the 18th of January.

Broken Contract is a miniature adventure game of dramatic action in a dystopian future. When a crew of indentured miners get pushed to the edge, they decide to lash out against the hired security forces that stand between them and freedom. Broken Contract is designed for 2-8 players and the average game takes 60 minutes. Check their previous campaign here

Pwork: New Cyber City Science Fiction Gaming Mat

New Cyber City: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Micro Art Studio: New Star Wars Destiny Tokens Released

Micro Art Studio: Introducing new Destiny Tokens! This product is a perfect purchase for Star Wars Destiny players.

Keeping a clear game state is vital for fast-paced game like this. If you play Star Wars Destiny, and want to improve your gaming experience you won't regret! Destiny Tokens provides a clear visualization of current game state and helps to keep track of Resources, Damage and Shields spread on the board. A high-end custom design carved in thick 3mm acrylic will add some aesthetic value to this already beautiful game!

Set consists of listed markers:

- 7x Shield
- 9x Resource
- 5x Damage (3 dmg)
- 9x Damage (1 dmg) 

Perry Miniatures: New Napoleonic French Infantry - Egypt Campaign 1798-1801

Perry Miniatures: New French for Egypt - We have some new codes for the French in Egypt range. These are all available on our site now. French in Egypt 1798-1801 - Figures designed by Alan Perry

FE 19 Fusiliers skirmishing
FE 20 Grenadiers/Carabiniers skirmishing
FE 21 casualties
FE 22 Light Infantry (chasseurs) skirmishing
FE 23 Mounted Colonels


Great Escape Games: New Plastic Rubicon German Halftracks

Great Escape Games: New Rubicon kits - upgrades for Flakwagen, Funkpanzerwagen and Flammpanzerwagen, plus the SdKfz 250/1 Neu. Check them here

Effin Cool Miniatures: Fantasy Court of Sultana Kickstarter

Effin Cool Miniatures: A little prep work for our next miniatures Kickstarter.  Court of the Sultana coming in February.

Micro Art Studio Science Fiction Hard Foam Terrain Reviewed

This weekend, we have published our thorough review of the lightweight, affordable and cool looking hard foam science fiction scenery by Micro Art Studio. Looking to start or expand your science fiction terrain collection? Check our review here

Bad Squiddo Games: New Post Apocalyptic Gunny Peegs

Bad Squiddo Games: Gunny Peegs, sculpted by @snuurg & @darrenedward666 ,painted by Andrew Taylor. Best thing ever. Available at retail as soon as KS all shipped

Gringo40s: New Napoleonic Mameluke Cavalry Trooper

Gringo40s released their new 28mm Napoleonic Mameluke Cavalry Trooper.

Easterfront: Gargantuan Skeleton Dracolich Discounted

Easternfront Miniatures discounted their Gargantuan Skeleton Dracolich.

MOM Miniatures: New Fantasy Val'Zarius Demon Lord

Mom Miniatures released this wonderful Val'Zarius Demon Lord.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Warcradle Studios: Wild West Exodus Countess Byron of the Enlightened

Warcradle: "Despite difficulties from his brother Warwick, we are delighted that our patron Jacob Hudson has permitted the newly opened Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to display one of the centrepieces of his collection. The portrait is simply entitled: Augusta. — feeling honoured." To be released in early 2017.

Sally 4th: New 28mm Bell and Ridge Tent Kits Released

Sally 4th: Sally 4th have just launched 2 kits for making 28mm scale tents (Bell Tents and Ridge Tents). These are useful for a wide range of both historical and Pulp periods. The kits feature MDF frames and pre-printed paper 'fabric', for easy and accurate assembly. In both sets there are three tent kits for £5.

Conquest Games: Breaking News - New Plastic Medieval Knight Boxed Set Announced

Conquest Games the wargame company that brought your affordable plastic Norman Infantry, Medieval Archers and Norman Cavalry has announced that they will now also release a new Medieval plastic boxed set featuring Medieval Knights! 

Conquest Games has now announced that they will be releasing some plastic Medieval Knights suitable for the turmoils of The Anarchy up to the reign of King John. These 28mm miniatures as their previously released miniatures will be scaled 28mm and be suitable for a large number of popular historical and fantasy tabletop miniature wargame rules. 

As the previous plastic boxed sets were sculpted by Bob Naismith, I would guess that these knights will also be sculpted by him. No pictures at the moment as all the 3-Ups etc are at Renedra being tooled. To be released at Salute so stay tuned for pictures and more, here at Wargame News and Terrain, your daily wargame source!

Alternative Armies: Classic Wizards Party Released!

Alternative Armies: Walking in search of adventure or employment or just to learn more of the world? Alternative Armies presents the classic FL11 Wizards Party now released and great for any 28mm wargame or roleplay system. Pack, singles or multiple packs and save. Click through for more Thanks. GBS

Things from the Basement: New Modern Shack and Crates

Things From The Basement released this nice shack and crates.