Monday, August 29, 2016

Battlefront Miniatures: New All Plastic Flames of War - Army Deals Released

Battlefront Miniatures released these new army deals for their hugely popular Flames of War - World War Two miniature game. In Flames of War, you lead your 15mm soldiers and tanks on the tabletop battlefields of the Second World War.

We are pleased to bring you new army box sets for each of the major combatant nations in WWII. Designed to give new players everything they need to start playing Flames Of War, each army deal includes a copy of the pocket-size Flames Of War rulebook as well as a softcover Intelligence Briefing book suitable for each army. And for veteran players, these deals are a great-value expansion your existing army.

Stalin’s Bears is based on a Hero Guards Heavy Tank Regiment from Berlin. It is a truly formidable Soviet tank army, with a total of six IS-2 heavy tanks, three ISU-122 heavy assault guns and four T-34/85 obr 1944 medium tanks.

Monty’s Hounds gives you a British Armoured Squadron from Nachtjäger, based around the versatile Comet tank cruiser tank. The army box contains a total of seven Comet tanks, supported by a Motor Platoon who ride into battle in their four M5 half-tracks.

Patton’s Eagles is the new American army deal, based on a Tank Company from Bridge at Remagen.It includes five versatile M4A3 Sherman tanks, with an impressive number of possible variants, allowing you to customise your army list to your perfect points level. The Shermans are supported by three M26 Pershing heavy tanks and a full-strength Armored Rifle Platoon with five M3 half-tracks.

Rommel’s Wolves features a powerful German Tank Company with seven power Panther G medium tanks, three deadly Jagdpanther tank destroyers and a full-strength Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon in their SdKfz 251 half-tracks. Rommel’s Wolves is based on a Panzer Kampfgruppe from Desperate Measures, which is included in the box.

Shieldwolf Miniatures Northern Alliance Great War Mammooth Reviewed!

With Shieldwolf Miniatures shipping their massive Great Northern War Mammooths from their Warmaiden kickstarter. I though it's a good moment to share our own review of this gargantuan beast of war. If you're looking for a great center piece for your army, search no further! Check our review here

Northstar Miniatures: New Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts - Modular Plastic Barbarians Boxed Set

Check out the upcoming Northstar Miniatures Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts plastic Barbarians! 

We have compiled all the news we could find online in one thorough article here on Wargame News and Terrain. So make sure to check all the preview pictures and information here, as you don't want to miss these!

In this supplement for Frostgrave, players lead their warbands into the northern reaches of the city, exploring the ruined temples of the Frozen City to search for the lost secrets of evocation - the art of summoning demons. While the lure of such knowledge is great, few wizards have ventured into this region as it is overrun by barbaric northern tribesmen who have descended from the hills in their own search for treasure. Marking themselves with demonic sigils, many of these barbarians have aligned with ancient powers discovered amongst the temples. Along with a host of new scenarios focusing on the exploration of the temples, the book also contains new treasures, spells, soldiers, and creatures that can be found amongst the ruins.

Dark Age Games: New Kukulkani Miniatures Released

Dark Age Games released these new Kukulkani miniatures.

Northstar Miniatures: Copplestone Castings Polar Perils Miniature Range Re-Released

Northstar Miniatures re-released the Polar Perils Copplestone Castings vehicle and miniature range filled with daring explorers, polar creatures and great pulpy vehicles. Check them all here

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Privateer Press: Upcoming Khadoran Warjack - Behemoth

Privateer Press: Hailed as the ultimate Khadoran warjack, Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of Khadoran design: extremely heavy armor, a devastating array of weaponry, and immense strength. This peerless warjack is as much a symbol of Khador’s power to the Khadoran people as it is a force of destruction to any who would stand against it. 

Zealot Miniatures: Upcoming Fantasy Female Adventurer Set

Zealot Miniatures: One of our own sculpts - For a female adventurer set 

Pwork: Operation Alpha: Pwork Wargames Science Fiction Gaming Mat

Pwork: Classic Pwork’s gaming mat! We present the great game mat design: Operation Alpha. The Game Mat Operation Alpha is a PVC or Cloth made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargames, in size 4x4’ (122x122cm), 3x3’ (92x92cm), representing the scenery of a futuristic military base, an ideal location for hard fighting between regular or improvised military squads.

The Wargame Mat Operation Alpha offers the possibility of setting even better your sci-fi battles, allowing you to exalt your sceneries and your miniatures in an urban firefight never seen before. The mat is a perfect Science-Fiction setting for futuristic game play and for skirmish fights! Are you ready to battle?

The strength of the PVC material and the high quality of the printed image make Operation Alpha a perfect and essential accessory for playing at your favorite wargame. It's practical, It takes up little space, It's ideal for players that want a wonderful and great-looking setting where play their favourite wargames.

You can also choose Operation Alpha in the synthetic Cloth version, that will allow you to set your battles on a lightweight gaming mat, characterized by brilliance, definition and compactness of colors ,everywhere trasportable and at the same time with an high level graphic. Ultra-light and easy to store (you can bend It like a tablecloth without risking to ruin It), It’is printed on a cloth-weave, durable and resistant to washing (can be machine-washed and ironed with an iron steam). It also has a sewn hem that prevents the cloth from fraying.


Knuckleduster Miniatures: New Wild West Gunslingers and Civilians

Knuckleduster Miniatures released these new Wild West Gunslingers and Civilians. These miniatures are scaled heroic 28mm and are casted in pewter. They retail for $3.50 a piece including base.

GCT Studios: New Bushido Miniature Characters Previewed

GCT Studios previewed these new Bushido miniatures!

Warlord Games: New Konflikt '47 - German Nachtjäger, Schreckwulfen and Heavy Infantry

Warlord Games released these new Konflikt '47 miniatures to bolster your Bolt Action German forces with more lethal weird war assets! Will you field the Nachtjäger, Schreckwulfen or the Heavy Infantry? 

Games Workshop: New Warhammer 40K - Kill Team Boxed Game - Space Marines vs Tau Warriors

Games Workshop: Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a boxed set of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures and game rules for playing skirmish games on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

The box includes  A Space Marine Tactical Squad, A Tau Empire Fire Warrior Strike Team, A small-format softback Warhammer 40,000: The Rules and A 32-page softback Kill Team booklet providing full rules for playing skirmish missions.

The Kill Team booklet is an updated version of the 6th edition Kill Team rules that are available digitally, revised for 7th edition and features: Expanded rules for Kill Team Leaders and Specialists plus new special rules specifically written for Kill Team games, Six Kill Team missions, A section on additional gaming ideas – linked games, multiplayer Kill Team battles, and games against hordes of enemies or powerful battle tanks.

The booklet also includes full rules for the Tactical Squad and Fire Warrior Strike Team included in the box, presented as example Kill Teams with Leaders and Specialists. This fantastic set is great for customers who want to convert miniatures and play short, fast-paced exciting games of Warhammer 40,000. Now available for pre-order at Wayland Games

Sprue Grey: The Golden D6 - Online Hobby Magazine Tutorial Issue Released - Reviewed and Approved

Sprue Grey released the latest issue of their The Golden D6 - online hobby magazine! This special issue is filled with cool and interesting wargame hobby tutorials to learn new techniques and skills!

We have taken a look at this issue and wrote a review here or you can skip our review and check the Sprue Grey website here to grab your own copy of this special issue!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Games Workshop: Relaunched Age of Sigmar - White Dwarf Grombrindal Character

Games Workshop: To celebrate the relaunch of the White Dwarf Magazine we are re-launching Grombrindal: The White Dwarf (previously the Warhammer Dwarf Dragon Slayer) in a clampack.

Full rules for using him in Warhammer Age of Sigmar will be on the Games Workshop product page on pre-order (and in the first issue of the new monthly White Dwarf). Rules for using him in games of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower can be found in the new monthly White Dwarf! Available discounted at Element Games here

Puppetswar: Set your Enemy Ablaze - New Flamethrower Tank

Puppetswar: When one need to cook something from up-close - Flame Turret Platform comes to the rescue!

Thunder Chrome: Printed and Painted Toxic Pond Previewed

Thunder Chome: Toxic pond 3D printed and painted!

Fantasy Flight Games: Doom Video Game - The Miniature Board Game Pre-Order Announcement

Fantasy Flight Games launched the pre-order for the long-awaited Doom miniature board game! Inspired by the awesome videogame, you will either side savage demons or lead elite marines to victory.

Doom: The Board Game is a tactical combat game for two to five players, inspired by Bethesda’s blockbuster video game. The asymmetrical gameplay pits one invader player and their arsenal of bloodthirsty demons against one to four elite marines, each equipped with a customizable deck of intimidating weapons and hardy armor, numerous lives, and the ability to Glory Kill weakened enemies within range. 

Every mission presents you with a unique map, specific rules, various items for retrieval, and objectives for both invaders and marines. Whether you take on the role of the demonic invader or the continually respawning marines, you’ll have to carefully plan out every move and use your specialized abilities to achieve your given objective and prevent your opponent from completing theirs. Descend into the hellish landscape of Doom and join the epic struggle between demon and marine.

Bring the thrilling experience of Bethesda and id Software’s first person shooter, Doom, to the tabletop with Doom: The Board Game. Gear up to take down the hordes of horrific demons as one of the UAC’s heavily-trained marines, or flood the claustrophobic corridors and desolate dunes with a mass of demons as the invader. Gather your friends for an exceptional marine-on-demon combat experience in Doom: The Board Game.

This board game can now be pre-ordered through Wayland Games at a 20% discount. Prepare for slaughter, prepare for Doom, the miniature game! Now available here for pre-order

Sea Dog Game Studios: New Shipwreck Scenery Released

Sea Dog Game Studios: Get wrecked! Sea Dog Game Studios adds shipwrecks to their online store. These wrecks are sculpted to approx. 15mm / 1/100th scale.  Some of these designs may be “scale agnostic” and useable with 25/28mm minis as well.

Zenit Miniatures: New Kensei and Torii - Japanese Miniatures

Zenit Miniatures released the following new Kensei and Torii miniatures!

Oathsworn Miniatures: Upcoming Science Fiction Kickstarter Miniatures Previewed

Oathsworn Miniatures: ...and here's another blurry photo - a Dark 7 fireteam. They're a set of mercs for a little scifi game I'm working on.

DGS Games: Freeblades Traazorites Inbound - Fantasy Warriors Meeting Savage Dinosaurs

DGS Games: The Traazorites are coming to a fight near you. November 2016!

Heroic Maps: New Temple of Ivy - Wargame and Roleplaying Terrain Released

Heroic Maps: None know who built the Temple of Ivy, nor which deity it was made to honour. The abandoned temple has sat deep in the forest for centuries, it's doors magically sealed. A few brave souls that have scrambled though the few breaches in the wall report that the floor and walls are adorned with ivy symbols and carvings, but none know the meaning of them. And so, with the true name of the temple lost, this structure has come to be called the Temple of Ivy.

Need a quick map for an encounter? A printable battlemap compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset. Contents: A 20 x 30 map depiciting an ancient and overgrown temple, located in a forest. Largely intact, this temple features a circular open air courtyard that leads to three distinct areas of the temple, some of which have weathered that effects of time more or less successfully. Also included is a 300dpi full size jpg, for poster printing or VTT. (n.b. gridless version only available as jpeg)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Forge World: New Warhammer Horus Heresy Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport

Forge World released this amazing Horus Heresy Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport for the mighty The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes. Available for £300.00 ...

The Mastodon was one of the heaviest assault transports in the arsenal of the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade, and is still found in the armouries of the Space Marine Chapters of the 41st Millenium. Its cavernous assault bay, capable of housing almost half a Company, is protected both by thick layers of ceramite armour as well as crackling void shields. It also mounts a fearsome siege melta array, allowing it to breach even the most formidable defences with ease, as well as an array of secondary weaponry intended to defend the vehicle as it approaches its target. Unleashed only against the most fearsome of enemy redoubts, there are few obstacles that can stay the wrath of this relic of the Imperium’s bloody birth.

The Mastodon is heavily armed and armoured, carrying 40 Space Marines, and even Dreadnoughts, safely to the heart of battle. Whilst embarked, the warriors within will defend their immense transport, turning the sponson weapons on any enemy brave or foolish enough to come close. It’s Siege melta array can easily destroy fortifications, and makes short work of armoured vehicles, whilst its Skyreaper Battery will tear through any airborne threat with ease.

Rules for using the Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport in Horus Heresy Games can be found in The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List and in The Horus Heresy Book Six – Retribution. Rules for using the Mastodon in standard games of Warhammer 40,000 can be downloaded from the rules tab on this page. The Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport is a complete multi-part resin kit that builds one super-heavy transport vehicle.