Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Warlord Games: Hard Plastic Landsknecht Miniatures Inbound

Warlord Games will be releasing some cool hard plastic landsknecht miniatures designed and sculpted by Michael Anderson of Games Workshop' Warhammer Empire Fame!

Many will remember these cool plastic Landsknecht miniatures as they were designed by Pro Gloria Miniatures when they tried to crowdfund their creation on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding didn't succeed and the range both metal and plastic miniatures were bought by Warlord Games for their growing Black Powder miniature ranges. 

Now they have finally resurfaced and according to Warlord Games' CEO John Stallard these miniatures will become available in about 6 months. The original owner of the range Stefan over at Pro Gloria Miniatures commissioned loads of cool bodies, weapons and other options from Michael Anderson. But according to the online source not all of these parts will be produced as there were simply too much parts to be feasible. Shame as they all looked excellent but the sprue will eventually contain sufficient parts to make 10 miniatures allowing you to assemble 8-10 pikemen and/ or 1-2 handgunners.

Below you can find pictures of these sculptures when they were being funded by Pro Gloria Miniatures so note that not all of these bodies and parts will eventually be available. We can only hope all the cool poses and weapons will be on the sprue but that said, I haven't seen any official Warlord Games news about these splendid miniatures so we can't be sure yet.

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